Storm Dennis to hit UK bringing winds of up to 70mph and flooding warnings

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Yellow weather warnings issued by the Met Office from Thursday until Monday Snow warning issued for the north west of England  Northern Ireland covered by a warning of rain  Yellow alert warning of rain and snow melt across southern Scotland 

The UK’s week of miserable weather looks set to continue as it prepares to be struck by a country-wide storm for the second weekend in a row.

Forecasters saying this could bring travel disruption, flooding to some homes and businesses and cut off some rural communities.

Wind speeds reached 97mph under Storm Ciara and gusts from Storm Dennis are expected hit 60 to 70mph in exposed spots.

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The Thursday morning commute could be tricky in places, with a mix of #rain, #sleet, #snow and #ice for some northern parts of the UK 🌧️🌨️❄️ and #gusty winds and blustery showers further south 🌦️

— Met Office (@metoffice) February 12, 2020

Northern Ireland is covered by a warning of rain from midnight until 8am on Thursday morning, with forecasters saying this could bring transport disruption and flooding to some homes and businesses.

Another warning of snow has been issued for the north west of England from 2am to 11am on Thursday, which the Met Office said could again affect travel and cut off rural communities.

There is also a risk of blizzards over the high grounds of southern Scotland on Thursday morning which will push eastwards and clear away into the afternoon, the Met Office said.

Elsewhere, it will be windy with heavy showers across many parts of England and Wales, with some hail and thunder mixed in.

On Friday, a yellow alert is warning of rain and snow melt across southern Scotland from 9am to 5pm, that could affect roads and train and bus services.

Frost will have developed overnight, most severely in the north, with fog patches also arriving.

Wet and windy conditions in the north west will later on push south-eastwards across the whole country on Friday.

1:27AM Wild weather warning for Saturday Waves crash over the promenade at Porthcawl, South Wales, Britain Credit: Reuters