Tuesday, September 21, 2021
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Serious Eats’ Penne alla Vodka Is Textbook Perfect

Thekitchn It’s as luxuriously rich and creamy as you’d hope for. READ MORE…

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Why Your Nails Might Have Suddenly Developed More Ridges

Allure.com And when you should get them checked out by a doctor.

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This French Grandma Has a Brilliant Trick for Keeping Fruit Flies Away

Thekitchn Of course, it involves wine! READ MORE…

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SPONSORED POST: 5 Pro Tools for Better Home-Brewed Coffee

Thekitchn No matter how good a cup of homemade coffee is, it’s almost always striving toward café greatness. But that doesn’t mean you want to go to your local coffee spot every single day just for barista-quality java. So unless you happen have all the free time to find out which countertop gadgets will actually […]

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This South London Home Has a Colorful Eclectic Pop Vibe

Sophie Lopez’s maximalist home is full of personality, personal touches, and lots of colour.

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For a New Generation of Woodworkers, Form Follows Function

T magazine In response to the colorful, zanier side of modern furniture, some American craftspeople are returning to elemental, straightforward and handmade pieces.

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Skin-Care Microdosing Might Be the Solution to Your Skin Sensitivity

Allure.com Can less really be more? According to the experts, absolutely.

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Homemade Graham Crackers Are 100% Worth It. Here’s How to Make the Best Ones.

Thekitchn They’re sweetened with honey and baked until crisp, ready for s’mores or eating with a tall glass of milk. READ MORE…

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I Tried a Dermatological Anti-Aging Correcting Serum for a Week

Fashion magazine I’d never been concerned about aging. Getting older somehow made me feel more sophisticated rather than outdated, in part because I’d grown accustomed to everyone guessing I was 5-10 years younger than my age. That is, until my best friend turned 40—a year before me—and someone was surprised she was my senior. I […]

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27 Best of Beauty Winners You Can Buy at Sephora

Allure.com Grab Best of Beauty Award veterans and newbies, all in one place.

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The Small Cookware Brand Our Editor-in-Chief Loves Launched Their First-Ever Bakeware Line — and It’s Gorgeous

Thekitchn You absolutely need this for fall. READ MORE…

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This Couple Used a $17 Book to Help Them Design Their Kitchen — And It Was the Best Decision They Ever Made

Thekitchn It helped them overcome decision fatigue! READ MORE…

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This Kitchen Got a Down-to-the-Studs Gut Renovation for Less than $18,000 — Here’s How Every Dollar Was Spent

Thekitchn They saved on a sink and splurged on a faucet! READ MORE…

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Before & After: This 1920s Bungalow Got a Gut Renovation and a Minimalist Design from a Certified KonMari Consultant

Thekitchn And they did it all for around $18,000! READ MORE…

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5 Questions You Have to Ask Yourself Anytime You Want to Declutter

These rules quiet all sorts ofwhat-ifandjust-in-caseexcuses, leaving you with no choice but to make decisions that serve you and your home in equal measure.

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Fall Fashion With a Sense of Adventure

T magazine The season brings billowing quilted coats, combat boots and protective leather layers primed for flight or roaming on foot.

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This Creamy Red Pepper Pasta Sauce Basically Makes Itself

Bon Appetit Open a few jars, crank the blender, and dinner is served.

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Before & After: This $350 Pantry Makeover Is Ridiculously Impressive

Thekitchn It’s not one of those unrealistic Pinterest pantries, either. READ MORE…

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If You’ve Never Added Pineapple to Fried Rice, You’re Missing Out

Thekitchn This Thai-style dish is loaded with flavor and texture. READ MORE…

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This Is Your Last Chance to Snag Made In’s Super-Popular Carbon Steel Fry Pan

Snag one before they sell out!